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Innovation is at the core of Glenmark. Our strength lies in identifying portfolio gaps and unmet needs in therapy segments and plugging them by introducing innovative products.

Our branded generics segment has 20 divisions with a focus on dermatology, respiratory, cardiology, diabetes, oncology and anti-infective.

Glenmark is one of the leaders in dermatology in India, with a wide range of product offerings that serve diverse therapeutic areas in skin care. We are leaders in anti-fungal segment with our flagship brand being the Candid range of products. We are continuously expanding our portfolio with Minym Gel, Elovera AD etc. In the daily skin care segment, our leading brands are Episoft, Elovera, La Shield, etc. and our top five dermatology products are: Candid-B, Candid Powder, Momate, Tacrox, Canditral SB.

At Glenmark, we strive to continuously innovate and bring in the latest molecules and novel product concepts in dermatology and cosmetology for clinical and user benefit. Canditral SB & Syntran SB are leading the super bioavailable (SUBA) itraconazole market as a result of technological innovation.

Glenmark forayed in the respiratory segment with a vision to meet the unmet or under-met needs of patients and address the rising incidence of respiratory ailments in India. Our respiratory portfolio provides holistic disease management solutions from simple and acute ailments like cough and allergic rhinitis to the more complex and chronic ailments like asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).We offer class leading products like Ascoril range of products.

Our constant endeavor has been to create holistic patient-centric solutions using technology and innovation. This enabled us to create and successfully launch India’s first digital dose inhaler – Digihaler.

Digihaler is a next-gen inhaler which provides an accurate digital dose counter along with low dose warning indicator to enable asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients to track adherence to their therapy. Our top five respiratory products are Ascoril LS, Alex, Ascoril+, Ascoril-D+ and Nebzmart-G.

A decade ago, Glenmark entered antihypertensive segment in Indian pharmaceutical market. Today we are leaders in the segment and have introduced several new variants to bring radical shift in the management of blood pressure.

Glenmark has been committed to the cause of disease detection and patient awareness programs through initiatives like “Take charge at 18”, reaching over 200 million Indians., a one-stop reliable portal for expert information on all queries related to high blood pressure/ hypertension that helps to keep your BP in control. These dedicated teams screen millions of patients every year to help them overcome the challenge of cardiovascular disorders.

Over the years, we have successfully developed several products that help treat various diseases like MI, angina, heart failure, hypertension and lipid abnormalities. As leaders, we have been instrumental in shaping the therapy area, by introducing novel and affordable drugs and patient management services. We strive to offer valuable academic services like CMEs, Medical workshops and Medical updates to medical fraternity. Telma is our leading brand followed by Telma-H, Telma-AM, Telma-CT and Eptus.

Fifteen years ago, Glenmark embarked on a journey to manage Diabetes and complications associated with it. The introduction and success of Metformin paved the way for us to establish ourselves as a significant player in the treatment and control of Diabetes.

One of our major achievements has been the launch of Teneligliptin – a DPP-4 inhibitor used for the treatment of Diabetes. We pride ourselves in being the only Indian company to have started manufacturing Gliptins and launching it at an affordable price for the first time in India. This franchise of ours has brought many patients within reach of the advanced Gliptin therapy. The Teneligliptin franchise of Glenmark transformed the market landscape by achieving volume leadership and further establishing a strong footprint in the Diabetes market in India.

We have also successfully launched ‘Mission Gliptinization’ – a comprehensive diabetes management program, based on concrete and powerful medical evidence with a 360 degree approach to improve detection, awareness of patients & educate physicians on management of diabetes. Our top five brands in this category are Zita-MET, Ziten-M, Remo-MV, Remo-V and Remo.

Our philosophy to cater to the needs of the cancer physician and their patients by providing high quality products and services in patient assistance in India, led to the launch of Glenmark Oncology in 2006. Glenmark launched it’s the first aprepitant brand that same year and changed the way Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting was managed in the country. Over the years, Glenmark Oncology launched products in the areas of supportive cancer care, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and the hematological malignancies.

Our commitment to Oncology is often reflected in our extensive patient assistance programs which include free drug support (on a case to case basis) and diagnostic support. Glenmark Oncology is also the first Indian pharmaceutical company to provide drugs on Easy Monthly Installments against credit cards from over 12 banks. Our top brands in this category are Glenza, Abirapro, Akyenzeo-IV, Akynzeo and Aprecap.

Our strong research and development capabilities help us offer a diversified portfolio of products. We have a wide range of high quality & affordable anti-infectives to improve patient care and meet the growing needs of the Indian population.

We were instrumental in launching a first-of-a-kind, new generation anti-infective, a novel des fluoroquinolone indicated for the treatment of respiratory tract infections for the first time in India. We also launched the concept of PGP inhibitors with Azithromycin to increase the bioavailability of the molecule.

We have been a forerunner in the introduction of Cefuroxime to the Indian market. Our amorphous form of Cefuroxime makes it more bio-available in comparison to the crystalline form of Cefuroxime. We offer a range of Cefuroxime with all the 3 dosage forms i.e. oral tablets, suspension and injections. We also introduced Fosfomycin injection to the Indian market.

To receive medical or safety information or to report a product complaint or side effect (also called an adverse event), please contact the Glenmark customer service center at: or at 18002666255 (toll free for India) or 022-4018-9999 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM IST (Monday to Friday)

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