We work tirelessly to find answers to the needs of patients. We are dedicated to making affordable medicines accessible to communities worldwide.

For more than 4 decades, our teams have thrived on dynamic and challenging career opportunities across all areas of the organization. We bring together a diverse mix of backgrounds & experience across geographies that flourish in an empowering environment.

Life at

  • Attracting the Best

  • Setting up for Success

  • Eyes on Results

  • Hands on Learning

  • Valuing Contributions

  • Continuous Listening

  • Building Careers

Attracting the Best

Our diverse leadership team spread across our key geographies is a reflection of a truly global organisation. We take pride in our talent philosophy to go where the talent is.

We attract the best minds in terms of qualifications and experience who identify with our purpose. We provide them with opportunities to take ownership and deliver impactful results.

Setting up for Success

A structured onboarding plan ensures that each new joiner has a head start. From understanding the organization and its culture to having clarity on individual roles & responsibilities;each team member is smoothly integrated into the function.

An established framework provides for multiple touchpoints within the first 6 months that enable the individual to contribute and add value.

Eyes on Results

Our focus on results means we encourage teams to outperform and drive excellence in every aspect. By setting clear expectations and facilitating multi-way feedback we ensure a transparent process of performance management.

A high performance culture also ensures that individuals have a consistent view of their achievements against specified measures of success.

Hands on Learning

At Glenmark, we believe that people development is driven through a blend of experiential learning, developmental relationships and focused interventions.

  • Glenmark Development Centers (GDCs) - To enable talent readiness in the organization, Glenmark Development Centers are used extensively across various talent pools.
  • Glenmark Centre for Academic Training (GCAT) - This two-year program offers a learning curriculum for our sales force through functional and behavioral courses.
  • President's Club - A performance and assessment-based talent initiative, specifically crafted for our Operations group that creates a year-long specialized learning path.

Valuing Contributions

From appreciating the small wins every day to celebrating our big business milestones, we believe that each success is important.'UExcel', our rewards and recognition framework, consistently recognizes individuals and teams for high performance and living our values.

UExcel includes Instant Recognition, Regional and Functional Awards and the coveted Chairman's Excellence Awards (CEA) that recognize superlative performance and business impact.

Continuous Listening

A positive work environment enables people to be at their best every day. Open dialogue is an important part of the Glenmark fabric. By listening to our employees and acting on what we hear, we identify and build on the strengths and talents of our people and make Glenmark a better place to work at.

'iSay', our employee engagement platform is built around the concept of continuous listening. We provide the employees with various opportunities through the year to voice their thoughts and ideas. Further, our periodic engagement survey is administered across the globe in over 14 languages across 40 countries. Through iSay we are able to comprehensively capture the pulse of the organization and channel their feedback into creating meaningful employee experiences.

The process of assimilating feedback from multiple touchpoints and translating it into actions is led and driven by employees themselves. In doing so we make our employees he champions of engagement.

Building Careers

At Glenmark, our people are encouraged to discover and follow their own unique path of career development.

Aligning individual aspirations to business goals, we offer a range of opportunities that allows our talent to develop both breadth and depth of experience. This includes cross-functional movements, stretch assignments and international stints.

We recognize high performance & drive for results through fast track career paths & other developmental opportunities. Each team member is supported on their growth journey through continuous learning interventions.


A truly global organization, 40% of our management team is based in international locations and we have senior leadership presence in over 21 countries.
With over 13500 employees from over 60 nationalities, the depth of collective experience and perspectives that each team member brings is singularly our greatest strength.

An equal opportunities employer, embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion has helped Glenmark drive collaboration and catalysed success.
We believe that building a culturally-diverse workplace empowers us to thrive in worldwide markets and be more relevant in the communities we serve.


With our commitment to enrich lives globally, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of under-served communities. Through our 'Joy of Giving' initiative, we provide employees a variety of opportunities to volunteer and contribute to causes across the globe. Our current focus areas include child health and sustainable living.

Celebrating Together

When it comes to positive energy, little steps go a long way. Our energized workplace allows our employees to have fun and do their best every day.

We believe in celebrating happiness together, beyond business milestones and professional achievements, and always look forward to celebrating local festivals and traditions, international events, and individual and team milestones as a Glenmark family.


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